We prefer to receive submissions via e-mail at post.no.ills@gmail.com. Mailed submissions as well as review copies of books, performance announcements, press releases, albums, etc. can be sent to:

Kyle Dargan, Editor
Dept. of Literature, CAS
American University
4400 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20016

We do not accept faxed submissions. Response time for all submissions except performance reviews is generally 2-4 months. E-mail and phone contact information must be provided for all submissions.


BOOK-REVIEW ESSAYS: Unsolicited book reviews should be no longer than 1,000-1,500 words for single volume reviews and 2,500 words for multiple volume reviews. Our aim at POST NO ILLS is to provide balanced and text-attentive reviews of new works and important recent releases than might not have received proper attention at the time of their initial release. Do not submit reviews of books by authors you have some personal connection with (or those with whom you have an axe to grind) unless you can maintain the critical distance necessary to fully engage the work. Please check our sought review queue to get a sense of what kind of books we are looking to review.

BOOK-REVIEW INTERVIEWS: POST NO ILLS does not accept unsolicited interview book reviews. If you are interested in reviewing a text via a dialogue between you and another writer/artists who has read the same book, please e-mail a query first with information about the book and all parties to be involved in the conversation. Again, please check our sought review queue to get a sense of what kind of books we are looking to review.

LIVE EVENT & EXHIBIT REVIEWS: Queries and written reviews should be submitted with some background information on the artist(s) and the venue if possible. We require the same standards of balance for live show and exhibit reviews as we do for our book reviews.

INTERVIEWS: We publish interviews with cultural figures and artists from all disciplines and genres. While we will accept unsolicited interview submissions, we advise authors to first submit a query with some background information on the interview subject.

ARTWORK & PHOTOGRAPHY: We welcome submissions of photoessays and original artwork for features.

We are constantly seeking new “post no ills/post no bills” pictures. So if you see one on the street or are willing to get creative (at your own risk) with a stencil, get out your camera and send us your shots.

CREATIVE WORK: We do not accept any unsolicited submissions of poetry, fiction, drama, or creative non-fiction for the online magazine.

POST NO ILLS obtains nonexclusive One-Time Electronic (World Wide Web) Publishing Rights to the works it publishes. The right to reprint material published by POST NO ILLS reverts to the author immediately after the work is published. All works published by POST NO ILLS will be archived on its website. We do not consider previously published material. Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as we are notified of the fact.