As part of POST NO ILLS’ efforts to encourage and disseminate exchanges between contemporary artists, we present the following conversation between performance artists Holly Bass and Anu Yadav. Curious to see what would happen when one puts two one-woman show artists at a kitchen table, we schlepped our gear over to Columbia Heights and let ‘er rip. In discussing their current projects (Yadav’s collaboration “Classlines” and Bass’ “Pay Purview”) and producing art in Washington, D.C.’s cultural and socioeconomic terrain, they made sure our experiment did not disappoint.


PART 1: Anu Yadav on her developing show “Classlines” and incorporating other media into theatre. [3:55]

PART 2: Holly Bass on her dance-based performance art pieces (“Pay Purview” and “WNBA”), Saartje Baartman, and troubling the line between exploitation and empowerment. [8:49]

PART 3: Bass and Yadav on if and how their work experiments with and unsettles their audiences’ perceptions. [6:50]

PART 4: Bass and Yadav on gaining the trust of and negotiating tension with the constituencies represented in their art. [9:11]

PART 5: Bass and Yadav on the how being working artists in Washington, D.C. influences and challenges their work. [3:51]

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